A brief story of my life

I was born mestizo in 1522, a few months after my dad Gonzalo (from the Castilian army of Hernán Cortés) and my mum Coatlicue (an Aztec beauty, survivor from the fall of Tenochtitlan) met in Coyoacán during the celebrations of the Castilians. 

More than 40.000 Mexicas died during the latest days in battle; 100.000 after three months of bullying plus thousands more due hunger and stench. I was conceived between death and mortality and I would born half alive and timeless.

Mother, afraid for my safety due the stubbornness of the Castilians to accept the difference and genuineness as a valuable condition, decided to sacrificed herself eternally and change her native name and appearance for a most catholic one as a sacred woman called Guadalupe. She begged for their forgiveness about my abnormality and gave to them a bunch of Castilian roses as offering.

So as my mum became a catholic icon, and my dad was alway pretty busy trying to control different uprisings against the new viceroyalty, I decided to experience that human concept called time -like if such thing would exists, in a different way than any other living being when at the age of 7 I discovered my supernatual skills to walk through the bloc of events between the date of my birthday and this particular moment called now.

I am almost 500 years old and, basically, I spent the biggest part of my life experiencing and watching the expansion of capitalist system from my conception to these days. Wars, corruption, welfare for the few, poverty for the many. Everything moved by passion and love.

My work talk about history, roots and knowledge with a huge interest on the honesty and impact that opposite poles express through colors, and the deep echoes and clarity that noise offers you if you want to listen; about my concerns about the human impact on Earth and the human race itself as part of the everything since the first steps of capitalism during the XVII century.

I am currently still learning how to live this life from London, because the heart of this city is the finger that push the domino piece.

- Murnau Den Linden