Helado Negro - Private Energy

This week I finally got some time to listen properly the latest release of Roberto Carlos Lange aka Helado Negro, and I certainly like it. As I use to do, I paired the album with some wine. For this occasion I tried a shiny white called 'SoldeSol' from southern Chile; shiny as the Tinsel Mammal dancers, who costumed head-to-toe in silver strands, are a visual representation of HN's sound and lyrics.

From Talking Heads to the New Latin Wave

New Latin Wave goes beyond music and labels like Latin Alternative or Latino Alternativo which only identify the commercial side of the traditional Latin cliché. Instead of, the New Latin Wave recognises a changing global scene that acknowledges artists, individuals and groups as part of a new socio-cultural shift occurring in the Hispanic communities -and Latin life style lovers, around the world. Obviously, arts are reflection of these point, and a clever way to amplified the message in an under stable language, so here we are.

Eduardo Lindes Burnao
What do people really know about Mexican music?

We are horrified by clichés and topics along the lines of Mexican sombreros and bullfighting capes. Other stereotypes include tacos and paella, to sangria and tequila. Though if there is one thing that really annoys Mexicans or Spaniards, it’s when their lack of knowledge is exposed through a somewhat colonial, 21st century arrogance.

Eduardo Lindes Burnao