Alex Atala - Brazilian Blood

Alex Atala is a Brazilian chef who runs the restaurant D.O.M. (Latin abbreviation of Deo Optimo Maximo) in São Paulo. He's known for transforming traditional Brazilian dishes, adapting French and Italian culinary techniques to native Brazilian ingredients.

This man, his attitude and creativity really moves me, so I've curated a playlist inspired on his figure with a gorgeous bunch of contemporary Brazilian tunes to celebrate the portrait that I made him. Enjoy!

What do people really know about Mexican music?

What do people really know about Mexican music?

We are horrified by clichés and topics along the lines of Mexican sombreros and bullfighting capes. Other stereotypes include tacos and paella, to sangria and tequila. Though if there is one thing that really annoys Mexicans or Spaniards, it’s when their lack of knowledge is exposed through a somewhat colonial, 21st century arrogance.

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