Playlist - A Brief History of Planet Earth Through Sound: The Beginning

My insatiable curiosity about origins brings me here. I always thought that "Where do we come from?" is the wrong question. I prefer "How do we came here?".

So trying to find some answers I asked to my colleague Gizmo Varillas to work together in a series of curated playlists divided in different stages, since the beginnings of life in Earth to our days. And he said yes.

This first selection features all that happened before human cultures began to take shape about 70,000 years ago. We focus in the earliest stages of evolution, 13.5 billion years ago, when matter and energy came into being with the Big Bang. Just after that. Calm. Darkness. Physics doing its job to evolve quietly during the next 300,000 years. Then, 3.8 billion years ago, chemistry appeared in the way of more complex substances and, in that moment, something emerged, life began to be the everything that we know now.

This playlist is beautiful and sad, temporal an infinite, its changes are imperceptible. It sounds like like ship's horns heard in the distance when lost at sea, hearing the sound slowly degrade just the second before evolving to a new dawn.

Playlist selection by Gizmo Varillas. Concept by Murnau Den Linden.

Murnau Den Linden