Nadia Rose - On Top + Highly Flammable

I was on my way to Brixton when I took an Evening Standard in Bermondsey to have something to read on the train. In those pages I discovered the Croydon MC Nadia Rose -she catched my attention immediately with her extremely confident presence. Then I just passed my eyes over the interview, pretty quickly, and I found the name of Stormzy, and boom! They're cousins! So I read the whole interview. I know it's ridiculous, and probably she doesn't deserve my attention on that way -because she's utterly talented, but I don't need to lie. That's how this morning I remember her and how I opened Spotify to look for her music, and I tell you, she has it! Amazing new single 'On Top' and brilliant first album 'Highly Flammable' from 2017. I know she's gonna kill the scene massively pretty soon.