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I don't get a word of what he says but I do like his stuff. I discovered German rapper Trettman a few months ago on Youtube and I do not why, but today I've came back to his music.

I quickly shared it with some German friends which told me that, like his sounds, his lyrics are also good. Well, far enough for me coming if it comes from a pretty elegant Deutsche discovery. Great discovery.

He's, obviously, on Spotify, but I also recommend a proper look into his Soundcloud (where the rough diamonds are).


A couple of months ago I discovered Meute -a German Techno Marching Band, thanks to any kind of recommendation on Facebook (someone from my personal contacts liked this video, probably). 

I need to confess that I am not very into these bands, but Meute is great! And I do love them because they are LIVE MUSIC at its purest essence! Pure technique. Pure fun. Pura vida! Germans are born with techno in their blood.

I highly recommend a look on their Youtube channel because is full of live music (where you will feel the singularity of this band), but they're also have some studio recordings on Spotify.