Michael Ruffino

Mike Ruffino is an American music composer and bass player at The Unband. You won't probably find many information about him on Google because maybe, even if you try digitally, you should look for it on the old school way, I mean, caring. With a few clicks you'll discover some amazing compositions that will catch you immediately. I leave here this post "Michael Ruffino for beginners" with a couple of covers on the uncertain authorship, folk classic The House of Rising Sun (you surely remember The Animals' cover too). Some people says that the original song comes from the early 1900 while the first proof of its written lyrics dates from 1925.

It sounds truly amazing (I know) and like a big excuse for me to take a look on Ruffino's Soundcloud but, if you still don't give a shit, I'll let you know what caught me when I discovered him a few years ago: the music set Saigon Garage. Such an exquisite taste.

From there I fall into all his works for the TV Show 'Parts Unknown', 'No Reservations' and 'The Layover' and, maybe a little bit late (probably yes after all these years), I most recently started following him on Soundcloud and other platforms with the hope of finding new songs. So now, I don't really know what was first for me, Anthony Bourdain or Mike Ruffino? The chicken or the egg? The connection between the narrative of sounds and images is brutal. I mean, who delivers this quality for television right now? It's crazy.