Let's talk about institutional and systemic racism for a moment. 

As a result of the losses during the WW2, the British government began to encourage mass immigration from the countries of the British Empire and Commonwealth (mostly African-Caribbean communities) to fill shortages in the labour market. Many people were attracted by better prospects in the UK. At one point, the ship HMT Empire Windrush brought a group of 492 migrants to the harbor of Tilbury, near to London, in 1948. The image of so many people filing off the ship's gangplank has come to symbolise the beginning of modern British multicultural society. However, by then, and even if they filled industries such as British Rail, the NHS or the public transport networks, they already endure prejudice, intolerance and extreme racism from sectors of the White British society.

This beautiful woman in the image was a Windrush child. One of many. They arrived to England as future workers. As they came by hundreds, they became a huge benefit for Britons due their collective push into the British labour market.


If you take a look on how much the collective brought to the country through the work of the individuals, you'll realize how small is the piece of cake that Windrush people has taken. 
Now they have been told to leave the country in their weakest moment (old or unemployed people who won't serve anymore as they used to) since 1948 -when Britons gave the right of entry and settlement in the UK to its colonies without a proper regulation (a very liberal way which empowers companies or governments over citizens). These days the bigotry of this Nation emerges with racist groups and politicians who fell in the right of deporting them.

No more excuses GB, it’s moment to look yourself in the mirror and face your systemic and institutional racism laying in a divan as a whole Nation. Brexit is already giving you the chance; will you take it?