"Asturias, Galicia and Portugal are burning wildly by man hand while hurricane Ophelia surprises everyone as Tropical Storm in Europe. Meawhile we just think on luxury items and living fast as we burn every natural resource on Earth to pay our debts and vices. Pure Monday shit for lunch on our plate, again. πŸ”₯πŸŒͺ🌍😡" -@murnaudenlinden

The Blue Observers have emerged from Murnau's interest in the idea of the embodiment of nature to interpret her millenary speech. The artist is constantly working on new pieces for this series of exhibitions.

"Giving to nature an human shape fits perfectly to the purpose of talking with the audience at the same time that it brings to me the possibility of working on the subconscious of humans -and nature’s itself, through dozens or hundreds of faced-mouths which integrate a psychological component to the dialogue."

These paintings keep the dialogue between nature and us, where mouths represent the many languages on which she’s able to communicate and, therefore, we should be able to understand if we pay attention.

Also, they offer a visual solution to interpret the subconscious in a disturbing kindness of psychotic smily-minds communities and civilizations. The characters here, sometimes are smiling, talking, welcoming us to their world, and sometimes they try to seduce us to fall consumed by their supreme strength in the way of directly or indirectly man-hand natural disasters.