Not so Out of the Blue is part of a new body of work -titled Blue Observers- by artist Murnau Den Linden (b. Barcelona, 1982). This show has been exhibited publicly in London, United Kingdom at different venues during October and November 2017 coinciding with 1:54, Frieze, Moniker and Affordable.

Murnau has been long inspired by nature and climate change. He surrounds himself in his studio with objects, ephemera and antiquities from ancient civilizations. These new works have emerged from Murnau’s interests in the idea of the embodiment of nature and millenary, dead languages.

These subjects have huge resonance right now, after four consecutives hurricanes in the Caribbean area and several earthquakes in Mexico that have made enormous damages in different areas.

Each of the four paintings is created from previous studios in a series of portraits of the hurricanes Katia, Irma, María and José. Their interlinked figures sometimes appear to be smiling, talking, welcoming us to their world, and sometimes to be acting violently, seducing us to be their victims, to fall consumed by their supreme strengh.

In Not so Out of the Blue, the artist shares his views on the supremacy of Planet Earth over animal species, and how just native communities -sustainable solutions of farming and worship to nature, will prevail to its fury.

“His work is a kaleidoscope of wonderful, psychedelic colours created using a mixture of inks and paint. Murnau’s work looks to the past to create something new and exciting.” -It’s Nice That