Photo by  Alo Murillo

Photo by Alo Murillo

"If I look to the centuries from where I come
and the lands I crossed
the people I was asked to love
and the haters I loved silently, alone,
it doesn’t feel as much as it looks,
and even now I feel able to squat faster on my knees to observe
because observing made me who I want to be" 

Murnau Den Linden, artist born in 1521 from Aztec mum and Castilian father. Raised in capitalist system. Based in London.

Latest shows 2016 - 2017

  • Starfish, London, UK - Solo Show

  • The Vaults, London, UK - Solo Show

  • Hotel Elephant, London, UK - Collective Show

  • China Mandarina, Madrid, Spain - Solo Show

  • Beluga, Valladolid, Spain - Solo Show